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A youth band that can rock!
covers from Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers to The Foo Fighters

Adam Luetkemeyer


Adam’s love of music began very early. He asked Santa for a drum set when he was two and he carried a toy ukelele he called his guitar around absolutely everywhere- even to Disney World- when he was just three. He had the opportunity to see AC/DC shortly after he started kindergarten- and began relentlessly begging for a guitar from that day forward. Adam’s mom brought home a mini sunburst Fender Strat with a tiny amp shortly thereafter and Adam started playing it at just five years old. He picked up tablature in a couple lessons- but would learn songs by ear all on his own. He played Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne for his first recital performance at Northfield School of Music in first grade- amidst a plethora of classical piano performances- and blew the crowd away. As a shy guy he was very nervous beforehand- but left the stage proclaiming that he wanted to perform every weekend and as never looked back. Adam has continued on his musical journey by picking up the drums and the piano and also plays the real ukelele (the toy ukelele is still around). Adam is passionate about composing and producing music and has performed original pieces with the Chicago Soloists Symphony. Adam met Seamus and Peter at just nine years old at Rock House in Wilmette- and The Invaders were born.

Peter Corasis

Vocals & Guitarist

Petey, expressed interest in music when he was 2. He would sit in his car seat and sing at the top of his lungs to whatever song was playing on the radio. One day, he picked up his sister’s toy guitar and started to pick at the strings and sing twinkle twinkle little star…From that moment on he hijacked his sisters guitar and never gave it back. He never let the guitar out of his sight! His dad tried signing him up for all kinds of sports but Petey would just end up quitting. Finally, his parents got the hint that music was his calling and bought him an electric guitar for Christmas. He started to learn the guitar chords on his own and also asked for piano lessons too… He was a very quick learner and played at both guitar & piano recitals for years. The following year at age 9, he started going to heavy metal concerts with his Dad. His love and favoritism for the electric guitar became more evident when Petey was able to meet the band members of Metal Church and Geoff Tate from Queensryche and his band. He formally started guitar lessons and at the age of 10 as well as voice lessons. He has written and composed multiple original songs so far! In fact, two of them have been officially copyrighted (SKOOL DAY and THE PATH)! His parents still struggle to make homework a priority when he comes home from school, as his first instinct is to plug in his guitar and blow the roof off the house!


Seamus Hardt


Seamus is the drummer for The Invaders. He’s been playing drums since the age of seven. His interest in music began when he first heard the opening guitar riff to “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits. As he moved into drums after a brief experiment with electric guitar, the first song he learned was AC/DC‘s “Back in Black.” Classic rock became his home genre. Seamus remains passionate about rock music ranging from the 60s through the early 2000s. Always punctual, he’s a natural time-keeper for the group- he’s got a natural talent for the drums and can surely rock!